Tuesday, January 3, 2012

what is cybercrime

Cyber Crime… hmm.. What  is that ??
The U.S. Department of Justice give meaning of CyberCrime as: "… any illegal act requiring knowledge of Computer technology for its perpetration, investigation, or prosecution".

Organization of European Community Development, : "any illegal,   unethical or unauthorized behavior relating to the automatic processing and/or the transmission of data"

Andi Hamzah in his book Aspek-aspek Pidana di Bidang Komputer” (1989)  explain cybercrime as kejahatan di bidang komputer secara umum dapat diartikan sebagai penggunaan komputer secara ilegal.
Eoghan Casey Cybercrime is used throughout this text to refer to any crime that involves computer and networks,   including crimes that do not rely heavily on computer“.
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